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Themed How Did I Get Here The Presentation v.Ro..> 3M06-Oct-2022 01:39
Understanding and Re-creating Process Injection..> 5M06-Oct-2022 01:39
Streamline Security with Shift Left_ A Cloud ap..> 3M06-Oct-2022 01:39
AWSGoat - A Damn Vulnerable AWS Infrastructure ..> 1M06-Oct-2022 01:39
HumanConrolled Fuzzing with AFL.pdf 3M06-Oct-2022 01:39
Building defensive playbooks from others misfor..> 4M06-Oct-2022 01:39
A new secret stash for fileless malware.pdf 2M06-Oct-2022 01:39
Microsoft Defender Will Be Defended MemoryRange..> 10M06-Oct-2022 01:39
Security Like the 80s - How I stole your RF.pdf 54M06-Oct-2022 01:40