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Payload delivery for initial access in Adversar..> 2M15-Oct-2020 23:49
Blockchain Based OT Monitoring Solution (BBOTMS..> 4M15-Oct-2020 23:33
A deeper diving on shellcode.pdf 4M19-Oct-2020 22:13
I've Injected a DLL - You Won't Believe What Ha..> 6M15-Oct-2020 23:44
How I Pwned The ICS Data During my Internship.pdf 7M15-Oct-2020 23:43
High Value Adversary Emulation through Purple T..> 7M15-Oct-2020 23:43
Inside The Mind of a Threat Actor.pdf 9M15-Oct-2020 23:45
Discover vulnerabilities with CodeQL.pdf 10M15-Oct-2020 23:34
Automating Threat Hunting on the Dark Web and o..> 14M15-Oct-2020 23:29
Zero Trust in the Era of Cloud.pdf 21M15-Oct-2020 23:56
Offensive Embedded Exploitation.pdf 33M15-Oct-2020 23:55
Pursuing Evasive Custom Command & Control (C3).pdf 44M15-Oct-2020 23:50
2 wires and 2 wheels- Bikes can do CAN too.pdf 61M15-Oct-2020 23:31